How we help you sleep

A full spectrum of sleep care

Cognitive Therapy
Medical Treatment
Surgical Options

We start by evaluating your sleep patterns (in your own home), collect data, assess other factors (physical, physiological, psychological, and medical), and make a diagnosis. Once determined, we work with you to improve your sleep, energy and health.

  • Whole-Life Approach to treatment

  • Physician-Led Team

  • Data Driven Sleep Training

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A Graduated Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Sleep Evaluation

  • Home Sleep Test

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Sleep coaching

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  • Medical Evaluation

  • Home Sleep Test

  • Bloodwork

  • Bedroom Evaluation

  • Fitness Tracker

  • Cognitive Therapy

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  • Sleep Supplements or Prescriptions

  • Weekly Medical follow-up

  • Same-Day Sleep Support

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Need to Know More About Sleep Concerns or Disorders?

Your entire life is made better, or worse, by your sleep patterns Improving your sleep involves understanding what is happening with your body at night and during the day. This includes diet, exercise, undiagnosed conditions and personal stresses that are unique to your life experience. That’s why proper evaluation that takes into account all your concerns is so important. An accurate diagnosis allows for the best treatment—whether that treatment is lifestyle changes, psychological or medical.

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